• I want to launch my own creative business i.e turn my hobby into a day job

  • I want to be a jewellery designer/maker

  • I want to sell at markets...

BUT I don't know where to start!!!


As the Founder + Designer of Etelage I am passionate about indie biz which is why I have created an online business course for creative preneurs with a specific focus on jewellery designers and makers who want to start a business.

As a small jewellery shop owner in Sydney, (Cronulla and Newtown) one of the biggest conversation starters I had from customers was “how did you start Etelage?”

My private tuition jewellery students and others I have mentored, advised and helped over the years have had access to my experience in small biz which in turn lead me to create several resources for them.

I want to offer exactly the same to you!

Consequently I have written 8 modules which you can buy separately to suit where you are up to in your biz journey.
Staring a business can be overwhelming and stressful but also exciting and challenging.
My goal is to equip you with the exact tools to start and grow your creative business.

What you Get?

Each digital module contains:
  • actionable tips
  • work sheets
  • bonus checklists and/or cheat sheets
  • comparison grids
  • resource guides
  • facts and research
  • inspirational and motivational quotes
  • most importantly all the stuff you want to know plus the stuff you did not realise you needed to know. As one student said, "I was only taught how to be a designer and not start and build a biz. There is so much to learn, and I have learnt so much from you already. Your knowledge and experience is invaluable. It is exactly what I needed. Thanks Chris." Allison 2017

Why An E Course?

  • Want value packed content to practically start, nurture and grow your small biz  into a profitable and flourishing brand?

    Want flexible learning in your own time and on your own terms?

    Want to get the exact information, strategies, inspiration and ideas you need to succeed without having to invest time in stuff not relevant to you and your biz?

How does it Work?

When you purchase the course you will receive:
  •  A welcome letter, and your first lesson,
  •  Followed by “drip” lessons, i.e. every few days or each week, which will be a set amount of material to work through step by step
(Check individual subjects for prices, course content and approx time commitment.)

Too Busy to do a Course?

The course is designed not to create extra work, but instead make the work you're already doing more focused and intentional. The layout of content is clear, concise (lots of bullet points) and designed for those on the run. The lesson material is colour coded:
  • aqua content is important information to remember
  • peach content is your created content and actionables for your unique business

Want to have a sneak peak first?

All modules are available as a free mini guide.
Yes I want my free download! (click here)
You may feel the mini guide is enough for you but if you want to go deeper, build clarity, intention and a strong profitable brand the e course subjects are designed for you.

 Note: since every business is different you may not implement strategies as prescribed but use them as a guide to inspire the best fit for your biz. I have designed this course for the creative preneur in mind who makes stuff. I am a jewellery designer and it is the experience in this industry which shapes my experience and knowledge. However, I have also helped a Chinese doctor create their biz goals and branding when they opened their own practice, an aspiring cafe owner to have clarity about small business, as well as design graduates and hobbyists realise their dreams.

In 2015, over 70% of academic leaders surveyed by the Babson Survey Research Group expressed that the learning outcomes of online education are as good or better than face-to-face education.

Ongoing Support

Whether you are a face to face privately coached student or have purchased the digital course every student will have access to 1 Months email support. You can directly ask me questions about the course plus anything specific to your own needs. Ask; I am here to help.
Plus receive course updates for free!

Our 100% Guarantee

If for any reason you are unhappy with the course module you have purchased, we gladly offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Security: All personal information you submit is encrypted and secure.

Privacy: We will not share or trade online information that you provide us (including e-mail addresses).

I look forward to hearing about your creative preneur success!



Christine Smalley is a full time designer and educator under the label Etelage est in 2002 and based in the inner west Sydney, Australia.
She is a bower bird at heart and combines her love of travels and cultures to source exotic artisan beads & embellishments for her jewellery designs.
She has lived in Africa, studied glass design in Italy and fossicked through many a basement of former jewellery makers in the hub of Bohemia. (Czech Republic and southern Germany) Her travels allow a constant flow of inspiration and stories plus an eclectic and juxtiposed style.
She observes that generally  as a society we are becoming more mindful about our choices: conscious of choosing products which are made using artisan traditions and not mass produced, and seeking quality over quantity. So it is with that philosophy she shares her skills and knowledge of jewellery design to encourage all her students to awaken their creative soul and seek beauty, slow, artisan and local.
Christine creates a teaching environment where participants can share ideas, be inspired and let their imaginations run wild!
With over 15 years teaching experience Christine is dedicated to empowering her students to become better designers, better makers and launching and building strong brands. She is passionate about equipping her students with  the exact skills and the confidence to create whatever her students dream!

Private Tuition Testimonials: What My Students Are Saying...

Hi Chris, Thanks for taking me through the techniques today to get me started on this lovely journey. I really enjoyed my time spent with you learning this new skill. I'm very excited to begin my jewellery making & hoping I will learn more from you.
Thank you also for the additional info on Morocco & other material.
Warm Regards
Nirmala" July 2016

"Christine gave me the confidence to turn my basic jewellery skills & passion for colour into a modest business. She is an unorthodox teacher who generously shared all her invaluable tips to turn my basic jewellery pieces into professionally finished pieces which I now sell to galleries – she is truly inspirational."
Tina 2013




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