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    My Fashion Style:
    Sleek + Edgy (G)
    Textured + Layered (B)
    Soft (F)
    Nostalgic (D)
    Timeless (C)
    Experimental (E)
    My Wardrobe Staple is:
    Pencil Skirts (D)
    LBDs (C)
    Leather Pants(G)
    Pretty Frocks (F)
    Crochet Tops (B)
    Eclectic (E)
    My Accessories:
    Statement (E)
    Global (B)
    Delicate (F)
    Chunky (G)
    Pretty (D)
    Elegant (C)
    My Shoes:
    Peep Toe (D)
    Ballerina Flats (C)
    Wedges (B)
    Ankle Boots (G)
    Platforms (E)
    Kitten Heels (F)
    Ideal Night Out Style:
    A flowy print dress, wedges, denim vest & beads (B)
    Your grandmother's pearls, a little black dress & nude pumps (C)
    A floral dress with a sweetheart neckline, kitten heels & a swipe of red lipstick (F)
    A tight, animal print dress, sky-high heels & smoky eyes. (G)
    High waisted skirt & tight fitted blouse with leopard skin tights (D)
    White blazer, black scoop-neck top, fluro body stocking + purple high-heeled booties (E)
    My Earring Styles:
    Chandelier (B)
    Diamond Studs (C)
    Gypsy Hoops (G)
    Clip-on’s (D)
    Drops (F)
    Bold (E)
    My Celebrity Style Icon is:
    Grace Kelly (F)
    Marilyn (D)
    Audrey (C)
    Carrie (E)
    Kate Moss (B)
    Madonna (G)
    I Shop at:
    Markets + Op Shops (B)
    Vintage Stores (D)
    Designer (C)
    Music Festivals (G)
    Mix of All (E)
    Chain Stores (F)
    My Colours:
    Black + Metallics (G)
    Red (D)
    Brights, jewels, neon (E)
    Black + Neutrals (C)
    Pastels (F)
    Coral + Turquoise (B)

    I answered mostly...